Brazilians aren’t Happy with Hope Solo

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And the truth is they probably shouldn’t be.

The U.S. keeper has been on a bit of tirade against the Olympic villages, playing conditions, and the most prominently the Zika virus.

While Solo has every right to be genuinely concerned about health hazards, the locals noticed she’s been putting a ‘humorous’ (see: ignorant) spin on her ‘Zika defenses’.

Solo’s pictures paint an image of someone who doesn’t realize the average monthly wage of the people who are living in Brazil is $626 USD. So while she’s showcasing all the bug spray she bought, and her various mosquito net ensembles there are thousands of people in the streets of Rio who live with that same fear every single day– and no mosquito nets, no Sawyer insect repellent, or #zikaproof selfies are going to stop that.

The tipping point may have come at her half-apology upon entering Rio:

It was in the United States first game against New Zealand that the local crowd let Solo know what they thought of her Zika tweets:

Hopefully Solo’s row with the locals won’t affect her performance as the United States take on France in a big match-up Saturday 4 pm EST.



This op-ed does not represent the views of, but is the individual author’s take on Hope Solo’s behavior as she represented the United States on the World’s stage.

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