Barcelona: Strong and Hungry

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Luis Enrique made it clear in his last press conference before the Gamper trophy match-up that Barcelona is coming into 2016 clear-headed, stronger, and more determined than ever.


Enrique went on to say that in his three years coaching at Barcelona this is the strongest side he’s ever been in command of.

Enrique’s sideline energy doesn’t match his calm demeanor in interviews

“On paper, this is the best squad that I have had in my three years at Barça. If we find a player that will improve us, we will do it. If not, we continue with this squad, which is already great.”

Enrique is in charge of a truly blessed side with not only its depth of talent, but structured and powerful club fan base. F.C. Barcelona  continues to be one of the world’s richest football clubs, both for their on field success and ravenous fan-base that bleed all things barca.


Enrique has not let the accolades or benefits to being a powerhouse (the best training facilities, fields, equipment) soften his team’s resolve or grow complacent.

“Football does not understand the past. Credit must be renewed daily, and the only way I can transmit that to the Barça fans is by coaching the team.”

It’s a day in and day out task for Enrique, and it looks like when it comes to sitting down at the La Liga table the boys from Catalan are looking to eat in 2017.



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