Hope Solo Doubles Down on Terrible Sportsmanship

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In a truly bizarre and kind-of awe-inspiring move after she’s generated enough controversy as it is, Hope Solo lashed out at the Swedish national team for being ‘cowards’ after their shoot-out victory against the United States.

Hope Solo has had run-ins on and off the field due to her aggression

This now comes after her half-baked apology and defense of making jokes about her absurd amount of Zika protection in Rio.

Revered when she first came onto the women’s soccer team, sadly behavior like this is what we’ve come to expect from Solo. Police records show that she insulted her arresting officers from the moment they cuffed her all the way through her finger-printing and processing at the local police station:

“Solo was repeatedly insulting Russell and Goguen, according to the report, and it was Goguen whom she informed that her necklace was worth more than he made in a year. As Russell was fingerprinting Solo, she ‘made numerous statements that I was not worth anything, and should be proud to have such authority.'”

And though the domestic assault case remains in limbo, tied up over procedural law, Solo has continued to prove that she is an aggressive hot-head.

The only thing that has changed is that the tides of support are starting to shift– everyone knows that her time-out for a glove change against Sweden was an example of the head games she’s willing to play. Her peers have made it clear that calling the victor ‘cowards’, at the Olympics of all places, is unacceptable:

And maybe, to assure us that she isn’t going to change, Hope did what Hope does, and refused to apologize instead tweeting her full statement with the tag-line, ‘losing sucks. I’m really bad at it.’

At this point it’s up to the U.S. Women’s National Team what to do with Hope Solo. At a certain point she needs to be held accountable for her comments and the negative stereotype she is helping to perpetuate that American athletes are arrogant poor sports.

It’s not that she has to hide her true emotions, it’s that Solo is earning a shoddy reputation for the whole squad when really it’s just her.

Megan Rapinoe had no problem expressing her disappointment without tearing down Sweden:



  1. I think I missed the point of the Article, all I got was that her RPF is freaking Gorgeous. Yeah I have resting bitch face usually because I am so focused on the task at hand and nothing else around me. Get your heart rate up and your controversial nerve struck here. http://bit.ly/2b1PWAk


    1. The point of the article is that Hope Solo has done a terrible job of representing her country and instead of accepting defeat with a little bit of grace and dignity after her stupid ‘glove-switch’ move, she insults the winners? I’m of the opinion she no longer should be privileged to embarrass the US on the world’s stage no matter how ‘freaking gorgeous’ her ‘Resting Pitch Face’ is. Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. Thanks for that clarification, and no worries. I’d like to see an article on that dick that didn’t shake hands in his defeat in the judo. Poor sap, is gonna get ripped now. Take care!


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