Mark Clattenburg Might be a Dingus

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There’s mounting evidence that esteemed referee Mark Clattenburg may be a certified dingus. There were some in the soccer world that have suspected Clattenburg of being a dingus with a career that is as impressive as it is ‘incident’ filled, but 2016 seem to be the year of the great dingus reveal.


He’s officiated over 500 games in his career, and is one of only two referees that had an assistant tenure of only one year. The problem though lies with the fact that Clattenburg almost always makes some notable lists: Top 10 Worst Refereeing Decisions Ever, 15 Worst Refereeing Mistakes, etc.

He’s had a variety of miscalls:

Flat-out he’s been dubbed the worst ref ever, but the bigger problem is that he doesn’t seem to ever care when he makes an unbelievable mistake. His shoulder shrug after allowing a goal from Nani is the embodiment of his ‘well-I’m-a-ref-rock-star-so-no-I-don’t-screw-up’ attitude.

But the most damning evidence of all is his new body work.

That’s right, Mark got the trophy tattooed to his wrist.

Okay, okay. It’s one thing if you played in a big game, won, and get a tattoo. It’d even be different if Clattenburg was covered with tattoos like the woman in his photo, but he isn’t. He has one big one on his wrist so he can talk about how he reffed the finals. Really. And this is his second trophy tattoo.

And he included the ‘TM’ logo in the tattoo???

Mark Clattenburg, you might are a dingus.


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