Celebrate All Things Zlatan!

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You want to know the beautiful thing about customizing English Premier League Jerseys?

It’s not all the great 2016/2017 designs (which there are a lot of). It’s not pressing the names of athletes we grew up playing in sports video games (and still do) like FIFA. It’s not even how sharp a printed jersey looks fresh off the heat press.

It’s that the entire alphabet is made available to us through our top-of-the-line distributors. So we can customize just about anything* on the back of any Premier League jersey.

When we heard Ibrahimovic was playing for Manchester United we knew it was going to be a big deal. We knew were going to need an extra supply of ‘I’s’ for all the Ibra jerseys we’d be printing.

Zlatan, and Zlatan alone made PSG a household name in the states with not only his unbelievable goals, but his cocky press conference answers as well.

The big Swede already has 3 Premier League goals in 3 games at age 34.

So to honor the new sensation that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Red Devil uniform we decided to offer some one-of-a-kind-not-totally-official ‘Zlatan’ kits.

That’s right, considering his penchant for admiring himself and all of his talents in the third-person it seems only right that we offer officially unofficial ‘Zlatan’ Manchester United Kits in all three styles.We were a little surprised that he didn’t make the change to Zlatan in the first place given how much of his brand centers on his first name.

Nike’s ‘Dare to Zlatan’ campaign was wildly successful while he starred at PSG.

Made with the same authentic EPL letters and numbers, these jerseys are one of a kind that you won’t see on game day or any other shelves out there. The ultimate tribute to the man who has high hopes leading the front at Manchester United.



Custom made-to-order jerseys from Rooney to Martial and the rest of the Manchester United crew are available from www.soccercorner.com. *When we say ‘anything’, we do mean within reason, we reserve the right to refuse printing any crude,  lewd, or ‘really dude?’ designs that come our way.

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