Storelli: Exoshield Head Guard vs. Bowling Ball

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We knew when we first started supplying Storelli gear that the boys from Brooklyn were serious about athletic protection. But we didn’t think they were bowling ball serious.

In their most recent demonstration the crew took a bowling ball to a cinder-block for some cringe-worthy results. Meant to display the power and force behind some of the hardest collisions in the beautiful game, they then outfitted a fresh cinder-block with the Storelli Exoshield Head guard.

Using the same military-grade foam that’s found inside infantry helmets the Exoshield head guard from Storelli is optimized for protection against the most common impacts in soccer. Trying it on myself I can see how it can help players, especially those who have sustained a head injury previously, feel more confident going up for headers or into hard tackles on the pitch. Additional pads on the side provide extra temple protection.

All this technology crammed into one piece of equipment!

The fit is snug with the promise of further molding to your head with extended use. And it definitely seems like it will do a solid double-duty as a sweat band, keeping the salt out of your eyes and sweat from running down your face.

Storelli recommends deciding how you’re going to wear your hair before choosing a size as it will affect fit!

Made is six different size for heads that range from 20 inches in circumference to 23 inches, pick up your Storelli Exoshield Head Guard so you can maximize your time playing and minimize your chances of injury at


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