Jose Mourinho has Finally Snapped

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It’s not like we didn’t expect one of the most out-spoken and enigmatic managers in the Premier League to not blow a gasket after losing three straight.


We just didn’t expect it to be as good as this. Reports first broke via the twitter @fulltimedevils (but has since been deleted by the account) that Jose Mourinho had the Red Devils stretching in a parking lot before tonight’s EFL cup match against Northampton Park.

Clearly Mourinho is embarrassed with his squad’s current state as they’ve dropped their last three games in all competitions with a particularly brutal loss to Watford FC. United thought to be a much higher-caliber than the Watford club took a 3-1 thrashing on the chin at Vicarage Road stadium.

This was the first time that Watford beat Manchester United in 30 years. This is only the third time in Jose Mourinho’s career that he’s lost three in a row, his most recent losing streak was over 14 years ago while he was still the manager at Porto.

It’s not surprising that he wants to scrape his players over the pavement a little at this point, especially when the other ‘grand experiment’ of the 2016/2017 Premier League is currently on a 5-0 win streak with ‘the other Manchester club‘.

The body language here is almost too painful to handle.

But in classic Mourinho fashion, despite having players stretching in a parking lot hours before kick-off he insists that he’s totally zen about losing three straight,

“I have this capacity of balance. Balance is, for me, not running around the pitch when we were winning a couple of matches and nobody sees now me being too depressed,” according to MUTV.

We’ll see if Mourinho goes full crazy and starts having the players street fight in parking lots before the match if they continue to drop down the table. We know Zlatan’s ready for it.


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