Pep isn’t Partyin’ Yet

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Maybe it’s the ghost of Manuel Pelligrini, maybe Pep’s success is nice, but he’s really not a fan of Manchester weather, or maybe Pep’s missing the pizza himself.

‘I want six slices, cut at least THIS wide.’

Either way, Pep Guardiola isn’t popping the champagne after winning five straight with Manchester City. The Citizens are playing the early contests of the Premier League season with a vengeance putting team’s like AFC Bournemouth through 4-0 master class.

Kevin De Bruyne has been vital for City in these early matches

But Pep isn’t all banners and championship talk yet, no he’s still very aware of how the wheels fell off Manuel Pelligrini’s campaign last year, although it started in much the same way.

During the post-Bournemouth press conference Pep had this to say,

“I know we are going to lose some games and it is important when that happens to be stable and not forget what you must do.”

Given his new placement as manager of City, Pep is likely aware that his performance review thus far is going great, in fact, it could be so much worse.

Is pizza and champagne in Pep’s future? He’s probably hoping so, but he’s not gonna celebrate early.

‘Soon, soon, SOON.’




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