Liverpool & Klopp: Mind your P’s

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Just over a year at Anfield, Jurgen Klopp has made quite the impact as manager of Liverpool FC. His efforts have not gone unrewarded as Klopp helped to take the mid-table Reds to the League Cup finals and Europa League finals in his first tenure as manager.


His sophomore season has gotten off to a swimmingly good start. Liverpool currently sits fourth in the table just two points behind first place Manchester City, with wins in 7 out of their 9 games.

Klopp cites two factors that he tries to bring to every practice for the success: patience and positivity. He views this foundation as one of the greatest strengths of his coaching philosophy,

“I can stay positive even when nobody is positive anymore.” Mind you, Klopp revealed this during an English game of Crown Green Bowls with three LFC fans. He’s perpetually smiling, and it isn’t on accident.


“You need to create an atmosphere in the team where they listen to me and not listen to all around.”

Klopp has consistently had a good handle both on how he interacts with the press, and how his players handle the scrutiny of sports pundits. He knows what kind of impact loose talk and undeserved criticism can have on athletes, and he takes measures against it.

“We need to give them the chance to develop and get there. We always judge so early. But I’m very patient. I know we need time but it doesn’t mean that we cannot do it now.”

Continuing his positivity, “I’m completely fine with my squad, I really like it. [We have] good characters with a really good attitude – and all the rest you have to develop.”

He’s going to want all the positivity he can get as Liverpool clash with Manchester United Monday October 17th. The game gives Liverpool a chance to solidify their place in the top 5 and gain ground in the coming weeks.


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