Did an 84 year old just have the Tackle of the Year?

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Some might call it premature to crown a ‘tackle of the year’ in the beginning of November with so many games left on the table. Some people would think it’s impossible that a senior citizen would lay the biggest smack down tackle of the year. Some would say it’s even less likely that such a tackle would occur in a shopping mall.

Well, some people are going to have to deal with being wrong.

We present you: Raul Munoz, 84 year old lock-down defender

We haven’t seen a tackle committed with as much tenacity as the missile that 84 year-old Raul Munoz dished out on an unsuspecting thief yet in 2016.

It’s hard to get Premier league players who are stud athletes, in the prime of their lives, paid millions, to make tackles with as much commitment during competition, but Raul Munoz on the other hand is willing to close down space and lay it on the line even when he’s shopping for his wife’s birthday gift– hip replacements be damned.

Flailing your arms going into the tackle usually isn’t a good sign.

The video taken from a security camera at the mall in Santigo, Chile shows how quickly the events unfold. Raul perfectly positions his body, side shuffling into position and throwing his leg up just high enough to make contact just above the knee of the would-be thief.

You can see the force of impact is enough to spin Raul Munoz  around and he actually passes out once on the ground. His wife reportedly stood over him and shouted, ‘That’s how you get big league contracts! That’s how you play next to Alexis Sanchez!’


Raul says he’s recovering well, and that he hasn’t heard from Arsene Wenger yet, but he’s hopeful. He’s open to providing some bite to Manchester United’s back line since their attacking front seems to have lost its teeth.


Okay so, this article isn’t totally real, but all of our gear is! Check out the latest at www.soccercorner.com

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