A Classic Reborn: Adidas Copa 17.1

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One of the biggest questions when Adidas introduced the new Copa 17.1 in the red limit pack was,

‘Okay, but when’s it going to come out in black?’

The first edition of Copa 17.1’s were a little bright for some.

And it didn’t take long for the three-stripes brand to come around and produce the Copa 17.1 that everyone has been waiting for. Going back to the classic black and white that made the original copa mundial iconic, the new copa also features just the right balance of red accent color to make it fresh.


For a clear picture of the differences between the Copa Mundial and the new Copa 17.1, here is a side-by-side:

As you can see the studs on the new Copa have been spaced slightly further apart, and the material changes consistency from the front of the toe to the back providing players with a solid distinct heel cup. This allows the Copa 17.1 to maintain its light weight while still using some of the highest quality kangaroo leather in soccer cleats today.

Compression fit ortholite sockliner helps to keep your foot locked down as you outclass the competition. The soleplate maintains its lightness from both sprintframe outsole technology and the dropping of a stud (from 12 in the original to 11 in the 17.1).

Overall we’re excited by the new 17.1 Copa’s. Adidas has made some of the best leather cleats on the market for years, and the fact that they’re still trying to perfect it is a testament to the company’s dedication for crafting the greatest leather soccer cleat known to man.

For all your Copa needs www.soccercorner.com has got you covered– from the Mundial, to the Red limit, and even the newest Black and White Copa 17.1. Grab a pair of the reborn classics today!


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