New Puma evoTOUCH Cleats bring Class to the Pitch

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The Puma evoTOUCH cleat has become on of the lightest leather cleats available on the market today. Designed to be soft like the kangaroo leather of yesteryear, thin unlike any other leather cleat that had come before it, and durable just like the leather cleats you left some of your best performances in, the evoTOUCH cleats quickly became one Puma’s most popular cleats.



The first edition EVOtouch Pro firm-ground cleats featured a black and green colorway that showed off the new interior sock that reduced slipping while providing the necessary comfort and support to play at your best.

Puma followed the release with an evoTOUCH pro special edition featuring that same sharp green and a natural birch colored upper. Sold with specific socks to accommodate your new cleats, these were some of the most sought after kangaroo leather cleats of their time.



Following the release of the pro special editions a surprise October release featuring black and orange and white and orange colorways. The trick or treat cleats were popular in the black and orange, but the white and orange wasn’t as sought after.

That leads us to the new year, and the newest evoTOUCH released on the market. Making use of the October white, but combining it with a sharp blue that makes one of the cleanest looking cleats we’ve seen in 2016.

If you haven’t taken a chance with the big cat brand, the new Puma evoTOUCH cleats may be enough to convince you from photos alone. They are a brilliant white and blue combination that practically bursts right out of the box. Soft from the first touch, and still made with some of the thinnest kangaroo leather available on the market.

Lace up your new pearly whites at, or snag one of the previous colorways while you still have the chance!

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