Manchester City and Tottenham Shoot-Out Benefits Chelsea the Most

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It was as thrilling a game as any to watch with two goals for both sides,  but the Manchester City and Tottenham draw that played out in match weekend 22 will go down as a stone in the shoe for both City, and Tottenham, while being another boost for league leaders Chelsea.

There was no shortage of action between the two sides.

The draw snaps a Tottenham six game winning streak that finally elevated them from their position of fifth (which they’ve held since the end of October) all the way up to 2nd. The draw bumped them down the league table from 2nd to 3rd– only one point behind Arsenal and nine behind Chelsea.

As a manager Pochettino has helped push the Spurs further and further up the table.

On the other end of the draw, while it doesn’t lower Manchester City’s position in the table it’s another missed opportunity to make up ground. 12 points behind the league leaders and only one win in their last four premier league competitions. If City isn’t diligent and victorious over West-Ham, Swansea, and Bournemouth in the next upcoming weeks their chances of gaining that ground only become more dire.

This knowledge isn’t lost on Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola either.

The spoils of the draw then go to Chelsea. Entering into weeks 21-23 Chelsea had to clinch their favored match-ups to maintain the insurance of their lead. They did so confidently, disposing of Leicester 3-0, and Hull City 2-0. They command an eight point lead over 2nd place Arsenal, who’ve regained form after drawing 3-3 with Bournemouth in week 20. While at the top of the league, they sit in third in the ‘Goals For’ stats– behind Liverpool, and Arsenal.

A victory this weekend against league leading scorers  Liverpool (51 goals for) will send a message to the rest of the teams in the league that covet that top stop:



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