G-Form Shin Guards: A Revolution in Protection

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There’s always going to be industries you think of when you think of soccer: Puma, Nike, Adidas– but what about the new ones?

There was a time that TruSox were only known to the pros who were cutting their socks to wear them with their official kits (and still do). Now they’re easily spotted on high school and college pitches. And while sure, there may be some of ‘it’s what the pros wear’, the reason the pros wear it, and that people are buying the significantly more expensive Trusox is because they work, and they’re worth it to the athletes. If your foot is constantly moving inside your cleat you lose agility, power, and ultimately the confidence in your step.

Suarez wearing Trusox in training

Another company wants to usurp the industry in the same way: G-form. Their Pro-S shin guards aim to give players a protection unlike any other.


The newest shin guards from G-Form give players the choice of a flexible form fitting shinguard instead of the typical hard plastic. Swapping out the typical materials for pad composite that hardens on impact sewn to an easy slip on sleeve, G-Form has gone in a entirely different direction than the rest of the industry.

The Pro-S shin guards provide players with better impact protection, and comfort. Weighting only 2.5 ounces and body-mapped to form naturally around your leg these shin guards do a double time offering moisture-wicking compression fabric that also eliminates the slipping of modern shin guards.

This isn’t the first time shin guards have undergone a revolution. The switch from integrated ankle support shin guards to the modern ‘free’ or ‘loose’ shinguard was relentless. There are few if any pros left wearing the classic shinguard like the Nike Charge 2.0¬†pictured below on the left, and have switched the Mercurial lite style pictured on the right.



Now the biggest thing that typically holds down small niche companies like this? The NOCSAE Standard of approval for use in organized competition. The NOCSAE has been criticized for stifling innovation in the past, but they have awarded the G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards with the stamp of approval and it is visible on both sleeves for any inquiring officials.

Their approval and our time with the G-Form shin guards have us thinking that they may just be the next most popular shinguard on the market. And we wouldn’t be surprised if their success pushes the major brands to reinvent their protective gear.

Be ahead of the trend and order the next revolution in protection from G-Form at www.soccercorner.com. Free standard shipping within the US and orders typically processed within 24 hours!


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