PSG Shrugs off the Ibrahimovic Curse

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Paris Saint-Germain’s victory over Barcelona yesterday was an undeniable display of superiority. Made even more so by the fact that nobody expected it. The talk about PSG has been mostly focused around the departure of their figurehead, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But the outfit from France put everyone else in the Champions league on notice.

The flood started with Di Maria, who is almost always a problem for Barcelona when he lines up against them, and yesterday was no different. He lines up a beautiful free-kick and even throws up the heart in celebration of Valentine’s day.

As if the first one wasn’t enough of a birthday gift to himself, Di Maria netted a second one to take PSG up to 3-0 and win man of the match. Other goalscorers were: Julian Draxler, a rising star whose famous for almost letting himself be signed to Arsenal, and Edison Cavanni, one of the top scorers in Europe right now, hung up the 4th goal.

The media are taking to their pitchforks to snuff out the era of Luis Enrique, citing this as the breaking point that will ensure his contract isn’t renewed. Despite his rampant success, it appears the formula of over-loading the front has reached its tipping point, exposing weakness in an aged midfield. It’s not just that Barcelona lost, it’s that somehow PSG made it so that they didn’t even look like Barcelona.

Enrique has been non-committal when it comes to talks about his future

The story here isn’t so much that Barcelona is hitting the end of the Luis Enrique era though, but rather that PSG has walked away from the ‘Zlatan era’ firing on all cylinders, especially after Zlatan has marketed himself as the be all, end all of any team.

PSG have proven that they’re still one of the most elite clubs in the world by handily defeating Barcelona, and their competition has been given the official invite to take notice or end up steam rolled just like the outfit from Catalonia.


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