The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Comes out to Play

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2017 marks the birth of the third iteration of the Nike Hypervenom 3, and while the new style ditches some of what made the Hypervenom iconic, the progress that Nike has made in reinventing this silo is truly impressive.

One of the biggest changes is that none of the firm-ground cleats in the new silo feature the shatter graphic that made the Hypervenom Phantom II instantly recognizable. But what Nike dropped in aesthetic flash they poured into new soleplate technology.

The Nike Phantom III features a HyperReactive plate that delivers a flexible forefoot for responsive stability that allows you to cut and change direction as fast as you can handle on firm ground. New chevron studs placed on the lateral side provides additional traction for acceleration, braking, and lateral cuts.

The Chevron studs are a brand new shape, lining the outer foot from foot to back.

The updates didn’t stop at the studs thankfully. The Phantom III upper is made of a full flyknit construction which combines areas of high breathability, stretch, and support for a fit that feels like a second-skin. Flywire cables are integrated within the midfoot and arch in order to provide stability during side-to-side movements. And who could forget the dynamic fit collar– an ingenious addition to the modern cleat that has become popular enough to span multiple styles from the Phantom to the Phatal, Superfly, and Victory.

Even more interesting, Nike actually released the shoe both with and without the dynamic fit collar. An option that hasn’t been made to athletes previously, if you like the style and features of the Phantom III, but don’t like the dynamic fit collar there’s an option for you.

Made for attacking and quick cuts, the Phantom III’s shine in tight spaces.

Nike touts the Hypervenom Phantom III as the premier cleat for attacking players and goalscorers. They’re made to give you every advantage in front of the net, including the newly added foam pods that are inspired from the success of the Magista Obra┬ástyle way. A 3-D textured upper provides a more responsive touch than the traditional smooth surface. Available for both youth and adult sizes, they’re guaranteed to have an impact on every level of the game.

Foam pods cover the strike-zone of the upper to provide a better touch.

We new that Nike was looking to innovate the Hypervenom line, but we couldn’t predict how radically different they’d make the cleat. We’re impressed with the progress Nike has made and everything they’ve put into the new Hypervenoms. They seem to be built with all the best technology from the other major silos from the dynamic fit collar to the 3-D textured upper and flywire cables.



Grab yours at and get to scoring before they’re gone! What do you think, are the new Hypervenoms the truth? Would you want to play in these? Let us know in the comment section!



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