Ibrahimovic Bodies People

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The English Premier League is often considered one of the most physical around the world. The season is long and relentless and the style of play is aggressive.

The hammers invoke their namesake in this tackle.









Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has come to the Premier League from Ligue 1 in France, has had no problem keeping up. While we knew Ibra represented a resurgence of the front big man, we weren’t aware of just how much of his weight he’s been throwing around.


It’s clear that Ibrahimovic has a creative interpretation of the rules, much like former Manchester United brusier Eric Cantona. And looking at the two, even though Ibra will come out and say ridiculous things, he’s not holding a candle to Cantona.

Cantona is his own league of crazy.

If you don’t believe us, here’s a highlight clip of Cantona titled ‘Bad Boy’, and consider yourself warned it’s NSFW, and unflinching in its subtitles:


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