Leicester City Prove: You can be Champions, and Stupid.

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Let’s do a thought experiment: You’re on a plane that’s coming in for a rough landing — do you eject the former championship pilot for a new inexperienced one with the hopes that he can keep everyone from a firey demise? Or do you trust the pilot who’s last landing ended with hoisting a championship trophy to get it done?


Maybe it’s old-school, but I keep the faith in my first pilot. Leicester have decided to go the complete opposite route and decide that their best chance of avoiding relegation a year after winning the premier league is to drop Claudio Ranieri.

This isn’t the first manager to be ousted after a championship run, most recently Jose Mourinho suffered the same fate at Chelsea.


To phrase it as ineloquently as possible: The whole thing stinks. Whether it was senior players who griped Ranieri out of a job (which Vardy heartily denies) , a panicked management decision (a week after they said they stand by him), or really if it’s just the nature of the modern EPL.


Clubs inability to stick with an manager through lows drives a wedge right into supporter morale. There are fans that now hope Leicester get relegated as comeuppance for how they’ve served Ranieri.

And while it may just be a trapping of the modern league, Leicester who bucked the ‘modern league’ championship trend last year should have had enough foresight to buck this trend too.




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