Is Wenger’s Time Up at Arsenal?

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It’s ax season for managers in the EPL. The last twilight of the year’s campaign makes it easy to part ways with a coach that hasn’t produced enough with the talent and resources he’s given–even if the manager in question won a championship as early as the previous year, just ask Ranieri or Mourinho.

Leicester City v Manchester United - Community Shield - Wembley Stadium
Ranieri lost his position a year after winning the Premier League Championship with Leicester, a fate suffered by Mourinho at Chelsea.

What about the manager then that just got absolutely stuffed 5-1 in the FA Cup, and hasn’t brought home a league championship in over 10 years? And only two FA Cups since that last Premier League Championship?

Undefeated in 2004, never done before, hasn’t been done since, but is it enough for Wenger to keep his job?

We’re of course talking about the unflappable Arsene Wenger. Nearly all of his peers have changed teams multiple times, but he has somehow resisted the fate of being canned. The tides may be beginning to shift, as disappointments pile up close to his contract renewal talks there’s an undercurrent that doesn’t want him back for Arsenal.

Arsenal’s 10 man 5-1 flop against Bayern Munich may be enough to get the club’s owners to finally succumb to the divided fan base that has long called for Wenger’s papers. Even before the game, protesters took to the streets before the game organizing a march to Emirates stadium with banners calling for the Gunner’s manager of the last two decades to resign.


The pundits are up in the air over Wenger’s fate. Sol Campbell who won two Premier League championships under Wenger doesn’t think that the manager’s time is up just yet:

“Now, there is the pressure from the fans, the pressure from the media but the only people who are going to make that decision are him and the board. At the moment the board are comfortable with him.”

The Daily Star have released unverified sources confirming the Frenchman has already told the team that he’ll be leaving after the end of his contract, but in prior press interviews Wenger said he’d make his decision ‘closer to the end of the campaign’.

The problem isn’t what Wenger decides, it’s that his credit may be more maxed out than he or Sol Campbell think, and the board may decide what’s best for Wenger, without him.


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