Ibrahimovic to Miss Three Games for Elbow

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We’ve covered Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s propensity for throwing his weight around before, but it looks like the big Swede’s style of play has come back to bite him. The FA announced that Zlatan would serve a three match ban for a retaliation against Tyrone Mings for an earlier dust-up in the Manchester United and Bournemouth match up.

Mings seems to intentionally clip the back of Ibra’s head with his cleat as he’s lying on the ground, and while it goes unseen by the officials, Ibra definitely made note of it.

Just inside the end of the first half with a ball up in the air Ibra decided to exact his revenge on Mings, delivering an elbow that nearly caused him to miss the ball in the process. There is no foul called on Ibra during play, but the FA’s review of the tape would not come back favorably.

The FA would ultimately rule that both players engaged in violent conduct. The board has handed a three match ban to Ibrahimovic, making him ineligible for Manchester United’s FA Cup tie at Chelsea, as well as the following Middlesboro and West Brom.


Mings appealed his initial charge, but the FA has moved to not only deny his appeal, but increase his penalty from three matches to five:

“The FA has submitted a claim that the standard punishment that would otherwise apply for the misconduct committed by the Bournemouth defender is ‘clearly insufficient’.”

Mings and Bournemouth have maintained that the stamping incident was not intentional, and have not commented further.


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