Dimitri Payet Goes Full Snake

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Because no one can seem to exit a club with an ounce of class these days, it should come as no surprise that Dimitri Payet the fallen hero of West Ham is less than 3 months out from England and already changing his departure story.

Reports were that Payet wanted to leave West Ham for family issues, and his older club Marseilles were willing to pay 25 million pounds (15 million more than they sold him for just a year ago) to have him come crawling back.

Now, in an interview with French Newspaper L’equipe, Payet says that ‘family issues’ were only a minor part of his move. In reality he was just bored.


“The way we played, the defensive system we used, didn’t please me. You could say I was bored. ”

“I thought that I would not have room for improvement. On the contrary, I risked regressing. I need another challenge.”


It was one thing for Payet to refuse to play and ask to leave for family reasons. There will always be things players must value, and make time for off the pitch.

It’s another thing entirely to throw your transfer in the face of the only West Ham staff member that defended you and call his managing style ‘boring’. Bilic came out openly saying Payet didn’t owe him or West Ham an apology for his departure. That he was brilliant for West Ham and he wished him well. Fear of regressing? Regressing is playing in a league that’s dominated by only two or three teams.

And now, three months later, for Payet to drag Bilic in the hometown newspaper? A snake is a snake is a snake is a snake. If Payet’s learned anything from this experience it’s how to make himself wholly unlikeable.

The only response from the West Ham camp at his newly made comments is a feeling of surprise and the message that Payet should get on with his life.


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