LA Galaxy Turn into Social Media SAAAVAGES

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“The squeaky wheel gets the oil,” or in this case the savage tweet gets addressed. To bring you up to speed: The LA Galaxy lost 1-0 against the Portland Timbers, during which Jelle Van Damme was sent off for two questionable tackles flat out dives from Portland’s Diego Chara and David Guzman.

The LA Galaxy twitter team decided to get the MLS’ attention about the dives via hilarious meme, and tweeted this on Monday:

As you can see this is one of LA Galaxy’s most popular tweets ever, but the league doesn’t seem to think it’s so funny. The MLS has a social media policy that team’s not ‘mock or attack’ other teams, much like in the NBA. An MLS spokesperson has stated that they ‘will address’ the LA Galaxy tweet soon.

The Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson has come out to say that the Timbers did not complain about the tweet, and did not ask for any repercussions.

The MLS and Merritt Paulson should both go back to the drawing board on this one.

How both released a statement about the tweet, without acknowledging that yes, those two players did dive, and those dives did result in the ejection of an opposing player, and those players should also be punished– is beyond me. It’s great that Paulson is unfazed by the tweet, it isn’t great that by not speaking out against diving he’s condoning it from his own organization.

The MLS should recognize the same: The LA Galaxy should probably get a slap on the wrist for the tweet and bypassing the ‘correct channels’ to air their grievances. But the divers highlighted in the tweet should be where punishment is focused. And we’re not talking about what we’ll call ‘contact embellishment’, which is found in leagues everywhere, but flat out diving, without being touched– which should be considered openly cheating.

In the spirit of fairness the two Timberland players should issue an apology to the league, an apology to Jelle Van damme, and be suspended at least one game as compensation for getting Van Damme sent off. Potentially two games for the intentional nature of the dives.

As it stands, the two divers have only been meme shamed, which at least, is a start.

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