You’re Gonna Need a Time Machine

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You’re looking for the Tiempo Legend III’s because you love the style, and fold over tongue, and you really don’t want to play in anything other than the exact same cleats that you played in X number of years ago.

Excuse us a moment.

Look, we understand that nostalgic want for an old cleat. We do, we promise, we’re hype about cleats right when they come out and usually long after. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re asking for something that hasn’t been made in years.

The year a cleat comes out, whether it’s Nike, Adidas, Puma, that same cleat has already run through production, and won’t be produced again.

So when you want an old cleat in its pristine condition, and in your size, what you’re really saying is you need one of these:


And we support you 100% building a time machine out of a retro car to go back in time and buy the cleat your heart desires. That’s right, go for it, lions never wonder if they can eat a whole zebra, and you shouldn’t doubt yourself either. BUT JUST IN CASE it turns out that you’re woefully understudied in quantum physics, and the space time continuum, and can’t just hammer a few boards to a car and call it a time machine, here’s our best advice:

Pre-order the cleats you want. There’s no other way around it. The supply is finite and the demand is infinite. Sometimes the cleats are live on before they arrive from the manufacturer, and ordering a pair guarantees you a pair in your size when they arrive.

Don’t miss out on the freshest styles and the newest heat from

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