If We Named Them: Nike Spring 2017

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Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, yo momma it seems like everyone has released a whole new line of cleats in March. And like any large collection, you can’t help but notice some of these cleats speak to you and claim their own name, even if it isn’t necessarily what’s written on the box.

Here’s what’s making a name for itself this spring:

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III’s aka ‘The Great White Sharks’


We’re not convinced Nike wasn’t calling these ‘the great whites’ before their release. The new Hypervenom Phantom’s colorway is an undeniable ocean blue right up against a shock white. Even the newly slanted collar looks a bit like a shark fin slicing through the surface of the water. That raised upper? Those pods on the toe look a little too similar to shark teeth to deny. We’re here for it, sharks are majestic eating machines which is how most of us identify after a hard practice or game.

Pictured, a high school athlete returns from practice: ‘WHAT’S FOR DINNER?!’

Nike Women’s Hypervenom Phantom III‘s aka ‘the Dan Marinos’


Look the box says Women’s Hypervenom Phantom III, but we have on a good unofficial source that this colorway is from never released designs from the 1984 Dolphins. While never worn by Marino himself, these studs are hard to deny with their costal blue and orange colorway.


Nike Women’s Magista Obra II‘s aka ‘The Easter Eggs’


Easter’s right around the corner and these pastel obra’s look too much like eggs to deny. Hard to hide in these featuring a bright blue, yellow, upper, the 3-D texturing looks better than ever giving the Obra a touch as sensitive as dare we say, an egg! Feel everything in your shots, passes, and crosses with this festive spring Magista Obra release.

Pictured left the inspiration for the new Obra II colorway

The Nike Tiempo Legend VI aka ‘The Minty Whites’


Honestly, we look at these Spring Nike’s and our breath just feels fresher. They remind us of Listerine and Colgate toothpaste. These Tiempo legends earn their name with a bright white upper and mint green heel cup. Sure to scrub up the opposition the minty whites are for the player that wants to leave the field gleaming, or sees themselves flashing the classic orbit smile after a goal.

‘dinho may have rocked the minty whites in his time.

This wasn’t anywhere near all of the newly released cleats, so if you want to check them out in depth head over to www.soccercorner.com

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