Chapter 4 in the CR7 Story Drops Thursday

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Forged for greatness, the newest chapter of the CR7 colorway story arrives this Thursday at and we wanted to give you an exclusive first look at these CR7 edition Nike Superfly V’s.


Chapter four of the CR7 saga is meant to pay homage to the time that Ronaldo spent under Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. A legendary coach who took one a to-be legendary athlete. There is no doubt that Ferguson is a big part of what made Cristiano Ronaldo into the world-class player he is today. Motivating Ronaldo in his youth to always keep pushing despite his clear abundance of talent is likely the reason Ronaldo is still so dangerous today at age 32.


Interestingly enough, this was actually the time that Ronaldo made the switch from #28 to #7. Something that was actually encouraged by Sir Alex Ferguson to motivate Ronaldo further to own the iconic Manchester United ‘number 7’ and mold into the phenom we see on the pitch today. The ‘forged for greatness’ CR7 Superfly V’s feature the Roman numerals on the heel to commemorate Ronaldo’s transition from #28, to #7 and from a rumored great, to a tested and proven legend of the pitch.



One of the most unique colorways we’ve seen in this CR7 series, Chapter 4 has an upper that seems to change colors in different lighting and reflect in dazzling ways. The shiny blue makes it seem like your feet are always in motion when you’re on the ball. The transition from the cool colored upper to bright orange soleplate embodies the idea of the blazing hot heat of determination you need and internal mettle you need to forge greatness on the pitch.


Orders go live Thursday April 13th 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time. As this is part of the CR7 scheduled line up there will not be more made later. If you’re ready to forge your greatness, select your size and get your order in at, because once they’re gone you’re stuck waiting for Chapter 5!

Showing up to practice with the Chapter 4’s like:


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