Storelli Launches New Campaign to Give your Cleats an Upgrade

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It can be hard to keep up with Storelli, the rooklyn based company that’s revolutionizing just about every aspect of protective gear in the athletic market.

We first covered the brand upon the release of some of their most popular soccer products, leg protectors and head guards, but now they want to take their game inside your cleat with patented SpeedGrip insoles— destined to be the most powerful non-slip, performance enhancing spots insoles to date.

Launched on KickStarter, the SpeedGrip insole campaign lasts until May 12th

Where other companies have tried to gain an advantage with patented socks, or internal cleat liners, Storelli has developed a SpeedGrip insole designed to lock-down your foot so that the cleat responds instantaneously to your movements. This means a more efficient first step for you, improved  reaction time, and more power and control over your movements, resulting in a better performance overall.

The new insole doesn’t just grip, it also includes a heel cup for increased support and lock down.

While traditional insoles lay flat, Storelli’s new SpeedGrip insoles include a special heel tab that locks in heel movements to reduce up and down friction. This means less slippage so more protection for you against injuries like rolled ankles and blisters that are typical of foot movement.

Storelli Speed Test
Patented SpeedGrip material virtually eliminates movement within the cleat

But why the dedication to improving what is typically a foot-note of athletic equipment? Claudio Storelli, CEO of the 2013 start-up, explains it as simple understanding of the passion of athletes,

“As a sports technology company filled with passionate professionals – we are innovating every day trying to find new ways to give athletes that extra edge. Insoles are an invisible part of the boot, so they are often forgotten. But they represent the foundation of an athlete’s stance, so we redesigned them to be the best they can be.”

Continuing, Storelli remarked, “After athletes spend thousands of hours training, their performance will come down to fractions of a second. So why risk it all by using suboptimal insoles? SpeedGrip Insoles give athletes that edge that will make all the hours of blood and sweat worthwhile.”

If you want to be one of the first to gain an edge the kickstarter campaign for Storelli SpeedGrip insoles is live until May 12th. You can contribute toward that, or invest in some of the patented gear we have available for shipping now at

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