Is the New CR7 the Hottest Chapter Yet?

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The newest chapter in the CR7 collection dropped today, and the question needed to be asked: Is chapter 4 the best release so far?


We’ve been Chapter 1 with the savage beauty explosion colorway. Chapter 2 unveiled the natural diamond colorway that we definitely were in love with. Chapter 3 discovery made the most of pinstripes and flashy lights. but Chapter 4? Chapter 4 is a colorway all its own. A shimmering reflective upper that fades into a blood orange colored sole plate with all the latest in Superfly technology.

The upper colorway is truly one of a kind, shimmering in the light.
One of the larger brandings of the ‘CR7’ logo thus far, it looks great on the inside of the cleat.
The ‘wolf grey’ is one of nike’s most popular colors so to see it rebranded as ‘cool grey’ on the dynamic fit collar is no surprise here.
The Roman numerals on the heel represent Ronaldo’s transition from number 28 to number 7.

As this is one of the hottest chapters to date, and with only three left in the seven chapter story if you want a pair of the new CR7 Mercurical Superfly V  you should get your orders in at while you can!


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