Stop Murdering Your Feet

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Do you want to know the absolute worst time to take your newly purchased cleats outside of the box and lace them up for the first time?

Just before you go out for a ninety minute game.


Cleat technology as a whole has come a long way from two brutal heavy leather studs leaving you in the muck, and some styles from major cleat manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, and Puma boasts styles that have virtually no break-in time, but even the most form-fitting cleat benefits for being gradually broken in.

Taking cleats from the box right to a game will admittedly guarantee they look fresh, likewise it will also guarantee you have a nice set of fresh blisters on at least one foot. The footbed of every cleat is going to break in according to the shape of your foot and application of your force. This takes time, and we don’t mean the time it takes to get through warm-ups.

We’re talking practices and at least 15 hours of wear. You should wear your new cleats for any light practice days, or clear weather and potentially for only half the time as you start the break-in process.

Whenever someone emails, reviews, or comments that they could only wear their new cleats in a their game this weekend for 10-20-30 minutes before the blisters were too painful and they had to stop, we can’t help but:

Until the foot beds of your cleats are broken in you’re going to experience the micro-slipping that’s known for causing blisters. That’s just the truth, and so here’s our advice for breaking in your cleats while keeping them fresh for a game day:

  • Phase 1: Indoor trials. Wear your cleats in your home, fresh out of the box. We know it might sound silly, and you might feel stupid, but the truth is you’ll pretty quickly reach your limit and see that after twenty or thirty minutes you can feel the pressure on your foot against that flat footbed. This is a good strategy to get into right when you get your cleats so you know the fit and form is going to be right. Lace them up and see how many episodes on Netflix you get through before you’re ready to cut them off.
  • Phase 2: Light Practice, Fair Weather Trials. Not all practices are the same, it wouldn’t be sound strategy on the training staff’s part and it wouldn’t be good for players stamina and in-game energy if every practice was all-out. One of your squad’s scheduled lighter practice would be a good time to test out your new cleats. If you still have your old pair it’d be wise to bring them as back-up in case you do start to develop irritation or the weather does change.
  • Phase 3: Hard practice, Fair weather. You should at least get one serious practice on your new cleats before taking them into game-day. You want to know that your fit and feel is going to be 100% when at your top speed, and a hard practice is a great place to learn that your cleats can hang.

If you’ve gone through all the phases and game-day is one the way, great news, your new cleats are ready to go just like you. If not, and you’re still going to lace up the new ones we have two pieces of advice: two pair of socks and a back-up pair on the sideline for when you just can’t take it.

The latest styles are available from and there’s no sense in waiting to get your broken in!

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