Saying Sayonara to the Premier League

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It happens every year, and this one is no different. With 4 weeks left to play there are a few teams that are coming to terms with the fact that they aren’t going to be lacing up their cleats in premier league competition next year.


One of the only team’s that’s guaranteed to not be back next year: Sunderland. The club currently sits in dead last, 13 points away from the 17th spot which means even if they snapped off an incredible 3 game win streak they’d be short of clawing out of relegation. And the likelihood of that when they haven’t won a game in the last ten matches? Zilch. Zero. Not gonna happen.


Manager David Moyes doesn’t believe this is going to have an effect on his job telling reporters who inquired if there would be a ‘decision’ concerning his place at Sunderland: “I don’t know what you mean by ‘decision’. I’ve got a four-year contract so I don’t know what you’re talking about ‘a decision’.”


Six points behind Hull City and more importantly six points from safety sits Middlesbrough. The club hasn’t landed in the top half of the table since week six. They’ve had one victory in their last 17 matches.


While it is still possible for them to make it out of relegation it would take a serious turn around in performance for Middlesbrough. They’d have to walk away with three points from both Chelsea and Liverpool, not an easy or likely feat.

Swansea City

A club that had the league on notice last year, Swansea City have free-fallen from their start in sixth position week 1 and remained in the bottom quarter of the table since week 5. Swansea have the best chance of saving their skin. They’re only two points away from Hull City and could overtake them in their last three games. It’d be a swan song of a finish for the Swans to hold on, but they may just manage it.

Hull City

It’s Hull City’s place to lose, only two points away from the jaws of relegation they’ll have to bring it against Sunderland and Crystal Palace in order to breathe easy when the Spurs finally come to town on the 21st of May.  One win in their next three should see allow them to see the light of another premier league season.

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