Doctors Confirm: Ibrahimovic is NOT Human.

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There may not be another athlete alive right now who has so candidly brandished his super-human nature at every opportunity.

Whether it’s an interview, a promo, a prank video, an app, you name a medium for promoting yourself and chances are the Zlatan has not only been on it, but he’s touted his greatness in one of his signature sound bites:

It turns out that Zlatan wasn’t necessarily lying.

When he injured his knee this season against Anderlecht, at age 35 many predicted that Zlatan would never make it back, and if he did, he’d only be a shell of the athlete he was. Believing fully in his special nature, Ibrahimovic sought out some of the most advanced knee and ligament doctors in the world; specifically those in the US, who are used to working with larger athletes like Ibrahimovic.

Not only did the doctors perform surgery, but his knee is in fact so healthy that they’d like to open up his knee for study after he retires. Let that sink in: a 35 year old, who has been playing at a high level of competition for all of two decades has a knee with almost no scar tissue.

His agent, Mino Raiola hasn’t been shy about it, telling news outlets:

“His knee is so strong that the doctors said they had never seen anything like it,

“He has a knee that it is almost impossible for a football player with a 20-year career to have. It was quite clean, there was no harm in it.

Zlatan’s ‘pain face’ makes it look like a minor annoyance than major ligament damage.

“They research a lot on the subject and that is why they are better than everyone else. And the doctors want back Zlatan to do research on him.

“So after Zlatan’s career, we will go back and open him up again to do research on his ligaments.”

That’s right, Zlatan’s is already scheduled for study as soon as he hangs up the cleats. Maybe he really is a genetic freak and hasn’t just been trash talking all these years.


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