The 5 Best Facial Hair Styles in Soccer

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When you approach the barbershop, many times a catalog of styles awaits you in the lounge while you’re waiting for an open chair. In those pages, you will often find a number of celebrities and their styles, ranging from Hollywood stars to singers, to famous athletes. Around the world, no other sport is quite as famous as soccer players for trend-setting hairstyles and popular facial hair designs. Stars and athletes have long had an influence in popular culture, inspiring changes in everything ranging from politics to fashion.

Always in the limelight, thanks in part to social media, soccer players from around the world often find themselves in the headlines, not just for the goals they score, but also for the images they portray. With the increased interest in male grooming and the continuous transformation of male style, here’s the best five hairstyles and shaves in the soccer world to draw inspiration from.

David Beckham

Considered by many to be the first hair and beard specialist. David Beckham has long graced the covers of virtually every well-known men´s magazine and is considered by many to be the exemplar of male fashion, vogue, and style. When it comes to facial hair, Beckham has donned a wide range of styles from a full-on beard to a close-cut stubble beard that adds a touch of roughness to his elegance. His hair has been all over the place, from corn-rows to spiky, but now is a much more modern undercut.

One of the first soccer stars to transition seamlessly into Men’s Fashion, Beckham has been trend-setting in business and hairstyles for years.



Lionel Messi

Leo Messi is arguably the best soccer player to have ever laced up a pair of cleats. During the first couple of years of playing, Messi’s clean shaven face accentuated his boyish appearance. In recent years, however, the full grown, red-tinted beard has transformed his style into that of a mature and experienced man. The bearded appearance coupled with armfuls of tattoos has completely transformed Messi’s image as he enters the later years of his career.

Messi then…
Messi now.


Xabi Alonso
One of the anchors on the Spanish National Soccer Team during their recent dominance of soccer has been Xabi Alonso. Known for securing the mid-field, Xabi Alonso has also carried his beard with him everywhere he has played from Liverpool in England, to Real Madrid in Spain to Bayern Munich in Germany. Xabi´s beard fluctuates between a thick stubble and a full out beard, but has never been as outlandish with his facial hair or hairstyles as some of his counterparts.


Gerard Pique
Pique portrays class both off and on the pitch, and his continually evolving beard is a tell-tale sign of his class. The Barcelona player would definitely suffer from a major case of baby-face without his thick beard, and keeps his hair rather clean-cut and tame. If Pique’s wife Shakira likes it, he must be doing something right.

Shakira and Gerard Pique attend a Basketball match in Barcelona
Pictured: The Shakira-magnetism of Pique’s beard in action.

Alexi Lalas
The facial hair styles of soccer players don’t always have to be so tame. If you are looking for a facial hair style that will set you apart from the rest, look no farther than Alexi Lalas, the iconic defender who anchored the US National Team´s defense for over a decade. His long, red viking goatee coupled with the wild flaring red hair undoubtedly left a lasting impression on whoever saw him play.



Next time you think you’re in need of a hair-cut or new shave style, make sure to check-out what the hair and beard style trends of the world’s top players are. Chances are you’re going to find one that you can suit to your style.

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