The Advantage of Turfs Shoes in the Summer

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Summer for soccer players everywhere means individual training, tournaments, and club leagues that range from recreational to top-of-the-nation competition. With so many different events at a number of different fields and venues the likelihood that you spend a good amount playing on artificial grass and turf surfaces is high.

“There are more than 5,500 artificial turf fields in North America alone.” —NYT

The caption above is a fact dated from 2010. At this point it is likely that there is closer to 8-10 thousand turf fields in the United States. As turf becomes more and more popular through-out universities and high-schools around the country the need for a pair of turf shoes to throw in your soccer bag grows larger.

But what makes a pair of turfs so much better?

These Ace Tango 17+ PureControl turfs even feature Adidas’ laceless technology.

The answer lies in the decrease in wasted movement. Given how soft turf and artificial grass tends to be when you wear a pair of firm ground cleats you sink in much further. This repeated friction from each step is going to cause the sole of your shoe to heat up much faster.

Given that turf is already typically ten degrees hotter (all the black rubber beads collect heat), this combination puts you in a prime position to blister as you continue to run and generate heat with each step. As diagrammed below:


Minimizing this wasted movement will not only keep your feet cooler, which is going to decrease foot sweat, sock moisture, and ultimately the chance of blisters, but it will also give you better traction at a faster pace. The game moves differently on turf, and so can you when your studs aren’t sink into the soft upper turf layer.

It took the industry years to catch up to this knowledge, but now it’s possible to order a turf version in nearly every major top of the line firm-ground style. For example if you like the Mercurial Superfly V Firm-Ground cleat from Nike, you’ll love their Nike MercurialX Proximo II DF Turf soccer shoe.

2017-06-06 14_01_51-Nike MercurialX Proximo II DF TF Turf Soccer Shoes (Wolf Grey_White_Pure Platinu
Designed as a ‘turf Superfly’, the sole and profile are nearly identical on the MercurialX Proximo II DF Turf soccer shoe.

One of Nike’s most popular adaptations of the turf shoe given the popularity of the dynamic-fit high-top collar, the Proximo II provides players that love the sleek snug fit of a Superfly with a turf option. As one of the top-of-the-industry turf shoes it’s hard to to wrong with a pair of Proximo IIs. Previously, Nike mostly offered turfs that replicated the Tiempo Legend cleat, known as the Tiempo Genio.

A turf for the more traditional cleat enthusiast, TiempoX Genio II turfs can always be counted on to get the job done.

The Tiempo Genio II turfs look just like the Tiempo Legend VI’s except for instead of studs they feature a rubber sole bottom with much smaller treads and a much thicker heel base. Again, this helps keep the heat off of your feet, and stops you from sinking in to deliver that extra ounce of speed. What makes the Tiempo Genio II turfs great is that any player at any level can add a pair of these durable high-quality leather turfs to their soccer bag without coming anywhere close to breaking the bank.

Adidas caught onto the wave too, making sure to release turf versions in their ground breaking laceless purecontrol silo. Some of the sleekest turfs on the market, the turf purecontrols give you the laceless benefits on artificial ground– something no other cleat on the market currently offers.


And although Adidas has come quite some way in their turf offerings, Their first pair of turf style shoes the Adidas Mundial Team, are still considered one of the highest quality and most durable turf shoes to date. Made from real kangaroo leather and featuring the same stitching as the famous Copa Mundial, the Mundial Team cleats are notorious for their long life and quality craftsmanship.



Do your feet and yourself a favor and grab a pair of turfs this summer for all your artificial grass training sessions. You’ll experience less blistering, better traction, and you’ll put less wear and tear on your firm-ground cleats for the upcoming Fall seasons.


Turf styles galore are available at, all orders over $50 ship free standard domestic!

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