Adidas’ Summer of Stripes

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It seems like a no-brainer, so it’s a wonder that it took the brand know for its ‘three stripes’ this long to jump on the design. One thing that holds all of the recent releases from Adidas together, whether it’s the new Nemeziz or the Trans Pro Gloves: stripes.



As you can see Adidas has included some sort of stripe design in nearly every major release in the dust storm pack as well as goal keeper gloves. Each design is standing out from every other competitor as well as giving Adidas a retro-classic look. The consistent commitment to geometric designs and stripe lines has paid off in a line that distinguishes itself from every competitor.

Black and white with a bright accent has been the prominent color palette for nearly every design.


This isn’t the first sign that Adidas is drawing from the past for their new designs. Their Manchester United crew neck sweatshirt looks like it’s straight out of the eighties blending a limited color palette with geometrics:

Snatch this while there are sizes left!

Style has always been one of Adidas’ strong suits, but for a company that has been in the game since their was a game to be in, the fact that they continue to innovative and produce styles that translate fashionably on and off the pitch is a testament to their design vision.

Don’t miss out on any new gear from Adidas’ summer of stripes designs from the new Nemeziz to the TransPro goal keeper gloves all from your number one soccer shop:

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