Nike Paints July Black: Exclusive Pitch Dark Pack

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Nike plans on putting a black coat over all of July with their latest release the Nike Pitch Dark pack. Featuring a predominately black upper in all major styles, these make for some of the hottest black cleats of 2017.


The pitch dark pack features ALL of the major styles (Obra, Superfly, Phantom, just to name a few) in a limited color palette of black, white and either red, blue, silver, or green.


While it isn’t Nike’s first blacked out colorway release, or even their first ‘pitch dark’ release, the newest pack does a great job of the limited colors to make sure that each ‘POP’ with their own flare. The black and white look sharp as ever which brings out the minimal red in the Superfly and green in the Obra II.


Will they last long? The definitive answer is no. Black is consistently one of the most popular colorways for soccer cleats and given that these are the latest black release from Nike since the Tech-Craft II, these will fly off the shelves.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of cleats for the summer, have you mouse finger ready snag a pair on 6/29 before they’re gone!


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