Adidas Takes a Page from Jay-Zs Playbook

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Earlier this month, Nike dropped some new heat for the summertime with their Pitch Dark pack. Not to be outdone, Adidas came back with their own series of black cleats, turfs, and indoor soccer shoes and this latest release from the Three Stripes is one of our favorite in recent memory.


It seems like every summer at least one of these two soccer giants releases some sort of blacked out cleats that end up being insanely popular. Luckily for soccer players everywhere, this was one of those summers where both of them decided to grace us with new black packs. In general, black packs really seem to be the best of both worlds—parents love them because they remind them of the good ol’ days and kids love them because they are the newest, best shoes on the market. But there’s something even more special about Adidas’ Magnetic Storm pack.


Every year when these packs with mainly black uppers are released, we market and refer to them as blacked out cleats. But they rarely ever are “blacked out”. For instance, take one look at Nike’s most recent Pitch Dark pack and it’s impossible to not see the brightly colored accents on every shoe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing—even the original Copas feature the three bright white stripes—but we haven’t seen a completely blacked out retail cleat in quite a while.

Waiting for the new magnetic storm pack like:

That’s partially because every brand wants their logo to be visible on the field for marketing purposes, and thus, they’ll make everything else on the cleat dark and make their logo a bright color that stands out. The only iterations of entirely blacked out cleats we generally see are the ones the pros wear when they are trying to get a new endorsement deal or if they are trying out some brand new, yet-to-be-released shoes during a training session. However, the Magnetic Storm pack is changing the game.


The best way to describe the Adidas Magnetic Storm pack is calling it “murdered out.” This term—coined to describe a top of the line, black car with dark tinted windows and all black accents, wheels, etc.—perfectly describes the Magnetic Storm pack. Aside from the white boost midsole on the turfs and the ACE Tango 17.1 Trainer, this entire pack is all black with the dark, blue, reflective Adidas logos essentially serving as the tinted windows. In sticking with the murdered out theme, Adidas only released a handful of their top of the line shoes in the Magnetic Storm pack. These cleats are sure to impress on the field, sticking out in a sea full of neon and flashy colors.

For the first time in recent memory, there are some blacked murdered out cleats available for non-professional soccer players! Since the almost blacked out ones always seem to sell out so quickly, the exclusive Magnetic Storm pack is sure to fly off the shelves.

Adidas brought it with the murdered out Magnetic Storm pack. Make sure you get your pair today because who knows when we’ll see another pack like this at



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