Who has the Best 2017 Jersey Designs in La Liga?

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We wish it was more of a competition, really we do, but when it comes down to home, away, third, and alternate jerseys, Real Madrid’s 17-18 kits beat out the rest of La Liga by a long-shot. Unified by teal accents and clean style lines each jersey pops in its own unique way which no other team in La Liga can say.

Here’s a quick run-down of the best Real Madrid styles and some of the closest runners-up in La Liga.

Real Madrid Home 17-18 kit: Putting the ‘white’ in Los Blancos

Fully customizable with player names and number, Fifa Patch, and La liga Patches!

The home kit is almost entirely white following in tradition of the home kits of past, and features silver diagonal stripes across the body to subtly break up the monotone. The namesets as well as the the front logo, shoulder and sleeve stripes, are all a vivid teal that really pops next to the white. An extremely clean design that makes perfect use of its accent colors. Just when you think that you can’t do much to re-invent the home white jersey, Adidas pulls it out of the bag. Available in both youth and adult sizes as well as long sleeve stylings.

Real Madrid Away 17-18 Jersey: Paint it Black

Removing the stripes from the shoulders helps to give this black jersey a more omnious look

Real Madrid’s 17-18 kit is perfect if you’re a supporter that can’t fathom the thought of buying a white jersey (we know how dirty they can get!).  Adidas removes the shoulder and cuff stripes on the away kit to give it a more intimidating ‘all black’ styling. The three ‘Aero Reef’ stripes on the side, and on the end of the sleeves help to frame the jersey, while letting the ‘Fly Emirates’ really pop with its white against the black background. We love this jersey because it’s great to work-out in and with winter coming it’s available in long-sleeve as well.

Real Madrid 17-18 Third Jersey: Encoded with Excellence

One of Real Madrid’s most unique third kits, this photo features the optional Fifa World Champion badge.

Real Madrid’s third kit is one of the best for the 2017-2018 season by far. Featuring a futuristic geometric block patterning and nearly entire vivid teal colorway, this third jersey is a real one-of-a-kind blue that looks as great in person as it does on the internet. Although it isn’t available in long-sleeve, it is sized both for youth and adult supporters. We predict this will be one of the most popular colorways for the holidays, so order yours while you still can!

Customizable with your favorite stars from Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, and everyone in-between.

Atletico Madrid 17-18 Home Kit: First Runner Up

Atletico Madrid Home 17-18
Who knew diagonal stripes would make such a difference?

All we could say when we saw the newest Atletico Madrid jerseys was ‘WOW!’. While Nike maintained the classic red and white vertical stripes, the addition of the diagonal stripes help to rejuvenate the whole design. Definitely a less known team than Barcelona, or Real Madrid, but we expect people are going to be scooping these up for the awesome design alone.

FC Barcelona Away 17-18 Jersey: Second Runner Up

Barcelona 17-18 away kit
Out of Barcelona’s Home, Away, and Third kits, the best is by far the new away kit.

The newest Barcelona away kit focuses on the blues, pulling away all of the stripes for a solid polarized blue shirt that has accents in both deep royal blue and black. Featuring the iconic FCB patch and Nike Swoosh, this away jersey is likely going to be the most popular Barcelona jersey of the 2017-2018 series. Available for hero customization in adult and youth sizes.

Whether you think Real Madrid deserves the championship belt for best jerseys of 2017-2018, we can all agree that across the board standards are pretty high when it comes to jersey design.

None of these jerseys disappoint, and every one of them is available at soccercorner.com!




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