Flames All Over Your Face: The New Nike ‘Fire in Your Heart’ Pack is Here!

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Nike plans to take November, and the rest of the holiday season by storm with a tandem release of two new style packs. The Nike ‘Fire in your Heart’ and ‘Ice in Veins’ packs are on sale now! But before shopping we wanted you to have a chance to see what Nike is bringing to the table with the ‘Fire in Your Heart’ pack.

If you didn’t guess it, the major colorway of the ‘Fire in your Heart’ pack is red. And we do mean RED. Red on everything from the very tippy-top of the upper to the bottom of the studs. There isn’t a style that Nike is leaving out of the ‘Fire in your Heart’ pack, but here are some of the ones we know are going to be in high-demand:

The Superfly V – Fire in your Heart


One of Nike’s most iconic cleats, we love the red dipped Mercurial Superfly V with the black accents. A cleat that’s going to catch your eye no matter what, the Superfly V features Nike’s patented dynamic fit collar which links the motion of your lower leg and ankle through your foot for a snug consistent fit no matter how fast you’re moving. Always popular for the highest level of competition, the Superfly V ‘Fire in your Heart’ edition doesn’t disappoint.

The Vapor XI – Fire in your Heart


One of the fastest cleats on the market, no questions asked. If speed is what you need, then the Vapor XI’s are the cleats you want on your feet. The lightest, and we do mean the absolute lightest of all Nike cleats, the Mercurial Vapor XI’s are the closest you’ll come to feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all. The new Vapor XI upper features more closely packed vertical ridges for a responsive touch on all your passes, crosses, and shots. You don’t have to choose between break-away speed and finishing ability, the Nike Vapor XI brings both to the table.

The Magista Obra II – Fire in your Heart


The first of the pack that isn’t totally dipped in red, the Magista Obra II’s main color is black. But the red racing stripes along the side, as well as the inclusion of red on the dynamic fit collar really helps to tie the shoe together. What we love about the Magista Obra II is that the concept behind the cleat is to do everything the Superfly V does, but to an even higher level. Dynamic fit collar? You got it, and not only that, it’s shaped to stay out of your natural range of motion. Textured upper? The most textured upper of any upper that has ever had texture. The Magista Obra II’s 3-D upper looks like snake skin and that makes sense because this cleat is just as deadly.

The Hypervenom III low-cuts – Fire in your Heart


The new Nike Hypervenom III low-cuts are hot, hot, hot. Low-cut and cut-throat the Hypervenom Phantom III is designed to draw blood from anywhere on the pitch. A unique one-piece 3-D textured upper makes these the cleats you need if your mission is to seek and destroy the back of the net. If you’re wondering where the dynamic fit collar is, not to worry, the Hypervenom Phantom III is released in high-top and low-top.

The Tiempo Legend VII – Fire in your Heart Pack


The Tiempo Legend didn’t earn its name for it’s under-whelming nature. The Tiempo legend, is the legend. One of Nike’s most recognizable and oldest lines of cleat, the Tiempo Legend is the go-to cleat for athletes all over the world. It’s classic styling and high quality K-leather make it a favorite for midfielders and defenders as well as wingers who need that consistent touch that only leather can combine. Lighter than the leather of yesteryear and 3-D textured the Tiempo Legend VII is a modern take on the old-school.


That’s it for the preview! Let us know which style you’re burning for the most in our comments section or check out the Fire in Your Heart pack on soccercorner.com by clicking the photo below:



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