What a Legacy for Lionel Messi

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A superstar among superstars Lionel Messi has added another totem to his illustrious career– 600 career goals for club and country. The FC Barcelona figurehead managed to net 600 career goals within 747 appearances. An incredible journey for any player, Messi’s journey has been foretold since the very first time he found the back of the net at Camp Nou at just 17 years old.

He actually joined Barcelona 5 years prior training in the academy at age 12.

May 1st 2005, wearing the number 30 jersey, Lionel Messi lays in wait as the legendary Ronaldinho delivers a beautifully lofted pass, while still on the bounce Messi chips it over the keeper in a display that still gives us chills.


It’d be a highlight reel goal for any player, but for a 17 year old on the receiving end of a pass from Ronaldinho, to be so calm and collected, was other-worldly. Five hundred and ninety-eight goals later, and Messi stands against the Atletico Madrid wall to take a free-kick. Despite the wall doing everything it was designed to do, and the keeper, Jan Oblak getting a hand on it, Messi would not be stopped.

600 goals for club and country is a phenomenal achievement for any player, but Lionel Messi has amassed 600 goals at a rate unfathomable to even his closest competitive peer: Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo reached 600 goals for club and country with 855 appearances. Messi has managed to do the same yet with only 747 appearances.

Messi  has scored the same amount of goals as Ronaldo while playing 108 less games. 

The fact that between two of the undisputed best players in the world there can even be a 100 game gap is astonishing. It speaks not only to the competitive nature between these two great athletes, but the luck that is being a soccer fan right now.

There are two living legends actively leading two of the largest, most popular clubs in the world right now, at a time when almost every soccer game can be watched on a TV, tablet, or cellphone.

What a legacy it is to see, what a legacy it is for Lionel Messi.


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