Cleats Are a “Now Market”, So Don’t Miss Out!

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It’s the summer cleat release extravaganza! Every manufacturer is pushing out some of their newest styles and colorways like Nike’s Just Do It Pack, Puma’s Future 2.1, and Adidas new X 17+ cleat in the new energy mode colorway.

Newly released: The Adidas X 17+ transforms your cleats into track spikes, made for speed.

But instead spending a whole bunch of filler telling you all about these new releases you want anyway, we’re going to enlighten you on another fact that applies to all soccer cleats, that you might not be aware of: soccer cleats are a “now market”.

How “now”? Nike released over 20+ pair of cleats, turfs, and indoors for the 2018 World Cup.

What’s a “now market”? Well simply put, the manufacturers are most worried about the product that they have out right now. Then the product they have coming out in the future, and the last thing on their mind? The products of the past.

Even the name of Puma’s newest release, the Future 2.1, tells you where their thinking is focused.

What this means is: The Vapor X, the AdiPure 11, the Tiempo Legend V, the Gloro, the Superfly IV, the Puma King, the CTR360 cleats you loved dearly, they’re gone. And they’re not coming back. None of the major manufacturers are releasing the same style of cleat year after year anymore.

When a model (and color!) you like is on the shelf and available for purchase, it means the manufacturer has already stopped making it– they’re onto the next thing.

Don’t miss out on the cleats you want. If you like a style and your size is there it means the time is now. You might not get another chance.

All the newest cleats are available at




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