“Why Can’t I Find a Ronaldo Jersey Anywhere?”: The Holiday Dilemma of 2018

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If you’ve spent any time at all trying to find a Ronaldo jersey for this holiday season, you’ve probably noticed that any website with actual inventory is few and far between.

This seems impossible for the outset, I mean, we’re talking about Ronaldo here, The living legend with more trophies to his name than most other players have seasons.

The scarcity of his new Juventus jersey leads to questions like,

“How could retailers not have his jersey in stock, don’t they like making money?”

First, trust us, we wish we had Juventus jerseys to sell, but this is an almost quintessential example of “supply and demand”. When every retailer ordered their inventory of Juventus jerseys from Adidas, they had no way to account for the fact the one of the world’s most popular players was suddenly going to transfer to Juventus.

At this point you might be thinking, “Okay, so do the proactive business thing and order more jerseys from Adidas. Adidas is a global company, with massive production and distribution facilities in numerous countries.” 

Not only are you correct, but you’re very astute. And that’s absolutely what we wanted to do.

But when we tried to throw buckets of money at Adidas, do you know what they said? New jerseys won’t be available until 2019 because everything is on fire ever since on of the most recognizable soccer players in the world signed to Juventus.

Okay, that’s not verbatim, but trust us, that was the tone of their response. So the story is a common one: The reason you can’t find a Ronaldo Juventus jersey is because there were never going to be enough to begin with, by design. The supply was never enough to meet the demand given Ronaldo’s popularity. And Adidas isn’t able to produce them fast enough to meet holiday demand.

And while we don’t expect it to make you feel any better, we at soccercorner.com are expecting to have more in inventory before the end of January in 2019. 

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