How Barcelona Could Bring Neymar Jr. Back

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The transfer rumors are swirling, but there’s enough talk on the airwaves to speculate that maybe Neymar Jr. could make it back to Camp Nou.

It started with PSG’s president stating that the culture around PSG needs to change, particularly when it comes to the team’s superstars. Al-Khelaifi’s direct words were, “They [the superstars] will have to do more, work more. They are not here to have fun. “And if they don’t agree with this point of view, the doors are open. Ciao!”

Many are viewing this as a warning to Neymar Jr. who for costing 222 million euros in 2017, did not produce to help PSG hoist the 2019 UEFA Champions League title and instead suffered a shocking loss and exit at the hands of Manchester United in the Round of 16.

Manchester United sent PSG home in a second-leg stunner. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

But PSG have also revealed that they do not intend to sell Neymar Jr. for anything less than 300 million euros. There are likely less than 5 teams that have that kind of money, and at least one of them (Real Madrid) has already blown-out their Summer budget.

The timing of these different elements and the price tag on Neymar puts Barcelona in a unique position. Barcelona has allegedly had plans to sign Antoine Griezmann since March of this year, and they’re expected to sign him on July 1st, when his transfer fee drops from 200 million euros to 120 million euros.

But there’s been word around the Catalonia clubhouse that the established players at the club are not interested in Griezmann, and would much rather see Neymar Jr. brought back into the fold. Messi admitted that Neymar, Suarez, and himself all still message each other in group chat WhatsApp.

The Messi, Suarez, Neymar Jr trident was one of the strongest offensive units in La Liga.

It’s conceivable that Barcelona will sign Griezmann for 120 million euros, and then immediately offer him up to PSG with an additional 100 million euros and potentially buy back Neymar.

This view of the future doesn’t seem bad for PSG either.

PSG has stated that they’re open to transfer negotiations, and the 300 million price tag will likely keep any other buyers at bay, so come July it will be up to Barcelona to make their move.

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