Nike Revitalizes the T90 Aerow Design for the Premier League.

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Within Nike there are always going to be certain styles that have cult like followings. One of the most sought after soccer balls despite going out of production over 5 years ago is the Nike Total90 Aerow soccer ball.

First introduced in 2004-2005 the Nike Total90 Aerow soccer ball was considered one of the best soccer balls on the market. Nike advertised it everywhere far and wide, including a commercial where Tierry Henry trashes his mansion dribbling through it.

Flash forward fifteen years and Nike has decided to pay homage to the iconic hi-vis T90 soccerball. The official 19-20 Winter Premier league soccer ball, the Nike Merlin, has the same colorway as the original Total90 Aerow soccer ball, and features the T90, Merlin and Premier League logo.

Pictured left, the original T90 Aerow. Pictured right, the new Merlin PL winter match ball.

Although it’s not an identical re-release from Nike, the striking blue and gold colorway definitely ups the nostalgia factor of the new Nike Merlin PL Winter Match ball. This marks the first time in history that Nike has opted to have two different designs for the Merlin match ball within the same season.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you like Nike bringing back classic designs, which would you like to see brought back next?

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