Simple Tips on Returns

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Yes, yes, holiday shopping is upon us, lines, deals, sales, sales, sales. We’ve been at this for a bit, so we thought we’d share some of our best tips for making returns easy and painless, no matter who you’re shopping with.

Here’s an easy list to keep in mind as packages begin arriving:


We know the temptation to tear into everything that’s delivered like you’re the Tasmanian Devil reincarnate, but you’ll likely save yourself time and money if you manage to open packages carefully so that they can easily be resealed. This is true of boxes, but even the plastic envelopes that most packages are shipped in are resealable. Packing slip inside? Save it. Return label included? Save it. Save it. Save it. Save it.

Even if you’re not making a return, the box or envelope can come in handy for another package or order from a different website.

2) Don’t Opt for an Exchange, Place a New Order.

It’s the busiest time of the year for any company that you make a purchase from. Requesting an exchange or simply mailing back a package with the details of your exchange is okay, but honestly if you’d like to guarantee it, it’d be best to place a new order for what you’d like and then ship the first order back for refund.

If this isn’t an option (we get it) it’s best to reach out to the company and try to ensure a hold for exchange.

3) Get That Return in the Mail.

Most places are lenient with Holiday returns, granting returns from late November all the way to the end of January. Don’t let that make you lazy. It’s easier than ever to print a return label and have your return picked up by USPS or dropped off at a blue box or post office.

The golden rule of returns is: The sooner you ship it back, the sooner you get your money back. The longer a return sits the more likely you are to: lose return packaging, forget about it, or have to scramble to get it shipped. If you start thinking of returns as a way to get yourself paid we think it’ll get your orders back in the mail that much quicker.

4) Consider Investing in a Tape Gun.

Maybe this is a little overkill, but we seen plenty of returns that are held together with scotch tape (yikes), duct tape (heavy duty), and everything in-between (is, is this gum?). Buy one tape gun, and one roll of packaging tape and you’re likely set for the whole year. Okay, we don’t know you, maybe you ship things back at a maniacal rate, but even still, a tape gun is a hassle-saving investment which leads to…

5) Your package AT MOST needs 5 pieces of tape.

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but wrapping your entire package in tape is helping no one. Wrapping your return like it’s Fort Knox is not making it safer in transit, and it’s not making it any easier to process your return. It takes 3 pieces of tape at most to seal a cardboard box, that’s it. Maybe 2 or 3 pieces of tape to reseal a torn open envelope, that’s it.

If you’re ripping off your tenth piece of tape and about to place it on your return package, ask yourself: What am I even accomplishing with this? Is this the vault for King Tut’s treasures to be unopened for thousands of years, or just a box I’m shipping back my cleats in?

Following those 5 tips will ensure that any returns you have make this year go as smooth as possible. Have any easy tips you think we missed? Feel free to comment on this article and spread the knowledge. customers can reference this article to receive a free return shipping label for any Holiday 2019 orders.

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